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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

OM Mantra Vibration Meditation
The energy vibration produced by the sound of OM chanting is said to correspond with the original vibration that arose at the beginning of creation.

This auspicious mantra has been used for deep meditation and energy alignment for literally thousands of years.

Use this deeply healing vibration to restore, align and improve your own energetic frequency.
Value = $47

From : Dr. Joe Rubino

7 Steps To Soaring Self-Esteem Course, Audio And Video
With Dr. Joe Rubino's acclaimed self-esteem elevation mini-course, life-impacting audio and video you can:

* Create soaring self-esteem to live your best life
* Heal and complete your past
* Properly access your present life situation
* Design your dream future in choice
Value = $129

From : Kristen Howe

7 Step Formula Speeds Up Your Manifesting Without Endlessly Repeating Affirmations
Do You Want to Master the Art of Effortless Manifestation?

Did you know that Powerful intention statements make you a magnet for your desires...

When done right, you can use intention statements to magnetize...
*Positive relationships
*Financial wealth
*Incredible energy and health
*Endless opportunities and everything else you desire...

However, if you're like most folks, you don't know how to create intention statements that REALLY work.

This formula show you exactly how to create powerful, prosperity magnetizing intention statements in 7 easy steps without repeating affirmations over and over again...

Put it to the 7 DAY TEST: Use this for the next 7 days and you'll see exactly what I mean.
Value = $47

From : Carolyn Hansen

To Eat For Health You Need To Eat Better, Not Less
The more you eat, the more fat you gain and the less healthy you become, right?


Yet the counter-intuitive notion that you have to EAT MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT and improve your health seems absolutely non-sensical.

But it's not, and in this special report I show you why. (Could this be why you've been getting nowhere with your diet?)

Inside, discover:

* The secret to a healthy HIGH FAT DIET (including an under-appreciated protein-packed SEED with more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than Atlantic salmon!)

* The simple rules for nutrient-dense MEAL TIMING

* The exact foods to buy to make piecing together NUTRIENT-DENSE PLATES a breeze!

PLUS I'll provide you with a sample 7-day NUTRIENT-DENSE EATING PLAN that you can
swipe and deploy.
Value = $37

From : Meditative Coloring Book

Meditative Coloring Book - Sweet Dreams
Can't Sleep?
Feeling Stressed?

Download Your FREE eBook Now.

Meditative Coloring Book - SWEET DREAMS.

Color your negative energy away with these proven relaxing, soothing and beneficial exercises.

Get Started Today!

Pick up a colored pencil, flow with it and kiss insomnia goodbye!

Value = $27

From : Jason Stephenson

Sleep Talk Down - 60 Minute Guided Meditation
You're going to receive a UNIQUE 60-minute guided meditation by the #1 meditation expert, Jason Stephenson.

It will help you:

- Relax
- Find your inner peace
- Activate the Law of Attraction
- Releash Stress

It usually costs $47 but..

..for a limited time only you can download it here for FREE.
Value = $47

From : Dave Eaves

Video: The No: 1 Secret To Tripling Your Reading Speed
In this short but powerful video you will discover The No: 1 Secret To Tripling Your Reading Speed.

Without knowing this secret any attempts at speed reading will be totally wasted. Plus you'll see how others have paid as much as $299.00 to find out this stuff.
Value = $299

From : Clint McNeil

The Road To Progress
How To Follow Through On Your Desires, Get Things Done & Live Your Dreams!

* How to find out what you really want and follow your passion
* How to break down your goal into manageable chunks
* How to overcome challenges on your path & boost your confidence
* How to make yourself accountable & be your best self
* How to create a schedule for your work & enjoy life to the fullest
...and much, much more! (42 pages)
* Bonus - includes a powerful meditation MP3, to guide you to a relaxed state, to allow your best.
Value = $97

From : Geoff Wilkins

Get 3 Full Backward Command Subliminal Downloads
Wouldn't it be great if you could reprogram your mind in the same way that you reprogram a computer...Well, NOW YOU CAN!

An amazing combination of the 3D Mind Sync Hypnotic Technique® and the scientifically proven Backward Command Subliminal Process™

These programs are effective with or without headphones, in any environment, even while watching TV, in the gym, or while you sleep.

Download #1 - Attract Money
Download #2 - Achieve a Healthy Weight
Download #3- Get Motivated
Value = $45

From : Ewen Clooney

4 Simple Steps To Creating Lasting Focus
According to Peak Performance Strategist, Tony Robbins,"Controlled focus is like a laser beam that can cut through anything that seems to be stopping you."

Imagine what it's like to be able to rid yourself of distractions and accelerate towards your wildest goals and dreams at breakneck speed...

Top Main Features:-
- Focus In Life
- Mindset: Clarity, Confidence, Beliefs, Persistence
- Six Steps To Emotional Mastery
- Top 10 Negative Emotions
- Top 10 Emotions Of Power
- Goals Setting
- Bonus: "Winner vs Loser"

Download This FREE 31-Page eBook To Learn How You Can Do That NOW with just 4 Simple Steps!
Value = $47

From : The Science Of Imagery Team

9 Solfeggio Frequency Meditations
Awaken Your Intuition & Start Creating Miracles In Your Life With This Meditation Bundle.

These 9 Solfeggio Frequencies are very powerful.

They will allow you to:

- Liberate Yourself Of Fear and Guilt

- Facilitate Change In Your Life

- Help Create Miracles

- Awaken Your Intuition

- And much more

Download yours today!
Value = $67

From : Powerful Visualization

The #1 Fastest Way To Realize Your Dreams
Have you ever used the power of visualization to achieve your goals?

I actually have for years, and I've found it incredibly helpful...

Just by repeating a simple daily routine and you will be able to manifest Health, Wealth and Love Into Your Life.

AMAZING stuff for sure...

For a limited time, you can get this eBook describing exactly how to do it for FREE!
Value = $67

From : Alexander Johansson

Using The Law Of Attraction To Create Abundance
In this pdf gift you'll discover...

"What is abundance and how do you obtain it using the law of attraction" plus much more...
Value = $19

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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