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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

It's the Biggest Health Secret Of Them All.
Nature evolved the human body to HEAL ITSELF. Millions of years of optimized biochemical healing pathways guarantee that you can take care of yourself better than any doctor or health care plan. Provided you haven't disabled the pathways.

To find out if you have, read my FREE book called "The Biggest Health Secret Of All", and inside its pages I reveal:

- How to safeguard against premature aging

- How to stimulate the healing hormones

- How to maximize your well-being, zest for life, and longevity

- How to make your immune system work for you, and not against you

Note: One day you may be called upon to save your own life, simply because there is no more powerful medicine than the self-healing capabilities of your own body.
Value = $37

From : Your Host: Dr. Joe Rubino

10 Ways To JumpStart The Law Of Attraction In Your Life
In this remarkable hour long television show, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world's leading life optimization coaches and experts on self-esteem elevation reveals in simple, easy-to-implement terms 10 concrete things you can do today to transform your life by harnessing the awesome power of the Law of Attraction. Life changing!
Value = $47

From : Perfect Path / Of Imagery Team

Self-Acceptance Healing - Guided Affirmation Meditation
Heal your self-acceptance to change habits and your life.

Addictions come in many shapes and forms. One can even be addicted to negativity.

If you have been struggling with changing habits or addiction in any form, you might have an underlying negative attitude towards yourself.

The remedy is for you to develop more self-acceptance.

This Self-Acceptance Healing Meditation will help you make change from a place of compassion rather than negativity and ultimately means you are far more likely to succeed in making the necessary changes.

You Can Make Changes. The First Step Is Here At No Charge.
Value = $47

From : Clint McNeil

Chakra Healing: To Better Health, Happiness And Prosperity.

How to restore your vitality, peace and wellbeing by healing and reconnecting with your spiritual energy sources.

* Discover the ancient chakra secrets: "forbidden fruits" ignored by mainstream scientists and teachers
* Learn which aspects of your life they regulate & become "unblocked", reducing stress, increasing enjoyment in your relationships & life.
* How to alleviate ailments & illnesses with effective chakra alignment techniques & reclaim your health.
* How to spiritually cleanse yourself & heal your chakras with chakra cleansing, to restore emotional or physical trauma.
* And a Bonus MP3 - Powerful Healing Meditation
Value = $47

From : Mark Johnson

Get 7 Ancient Energy Healing Frequency Audio Download
7 Amazing Energy Healing Frequency to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles, and restore sound sleep... in minutes.

Track 1: Peaceful - This beautiful piece helps open you up to receive God's healing.

Track 2: Energy - Supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion.

Track 3: Feeling - Listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Track 4: Transformation - Restores your sound, peaceful sleep...

Track 5: The Bridge - Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships.

Track 6: Great Awakening - Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing.

Track 7: The Majectic - Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings.

Get all of them worth $197 for FREE now!
Value = $197

From : Brent Phillips

Unseen Forces
Discover how to harness and master the UNSEEN FORCES that control our lives...unleash the power of your subconscious mind and learn to live life on YOUR terms!
Value = $37

From : World of Alternatives

Get 7 Full Mind Sync Chakra Tuning Downloads
We have synthesized each chakra vibration in the laboratory and recorded them. This stimulation will clear any blockages in that particular chakra allowing energy to flow more easily through the energy pathways.

You can use the chakra frequency set whilst you are doing other things.

Muladhara - Root Chakra
Swadhistana - Sacral Chakra
Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra
Anahata - Heart Chakra
Vishuddhi - Throat Chakra
Ajna - Third Eye Chakra
Sahasrara - Crown Chakra
Value = $50

From : Gladys Cheow

eBook: The Inner Buoyancy
In this eBook, you'll discover:

- How To Develop Inner Resilience
- How To Build A State of Positive Attitude & Positive Beliefs?
- How To Increase Pressure Resistance for Ultimate Resilience?
- 5 Essential Steps of Positive Thinking To recover After Setbacks
- Impact of Positive Thinking on Mind & Body
- Impact of Positive Emotions on Health

and many more...
Value = $37

From : Alan B. Densky, CH

Total Weight Loss Package: 3 Different MP3s!
3 Different Amazing Threshold Subliminals Eliminate Your Cravings & Compulsions So You Easily Lose Weight Fast!

These amazing programs will change your subconscious thoughts so you quickly lose your appetite, lose excess weight, and keep it off!

Each MP3 contains a different set of Affirmations / Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Stop Eating Junk Food! Quick - Weight Loss! Lose Weight Quickly!

Imagine what you want to look like. Imagine how you want others to see you.

The truth of the matter is, if you feel compelled to overeat, or have an addiction to fattening foods, it's because of the thoughts that you have about yourself and the world around you.

If you can think you excessive appetite into existence, you can think it out of existence!
Value = $59

From : Daniele Fiori

Unlock Your Hidden Power With Self-Hypnosis
Enjoy these 9 powerful self-hypnosis tracks:

1 Total Relaxation
2 Staying Relaxed
3 Be Confident
4 Make Your Dreams Come True
5 Attracting Wealth
6 Amazing Learning
7 True Love
8 Weight Loss
9 Quit Smoking


"Achieve Any Goals" Email Series (2 emails)

And our weekly "Self Improvement" Newsletter!
Value = $99

From : Lisa Jillanza

Healthy Revelations eNewsletter
Enjoy a full years subscription of Healthy Revelations and discover life-changing health secrets you won't find anywhere else.

$240 Yearly Value

Topics covered include:

* How To Lose Weight Fast
* Healthy Eating
* Stress Relief
* Disease Prevention
* Doctor Recommendations
* Seasonal Health Tips
* And More...
Value = $240

From : steve white

eBook: The Negativity Eliminator
Do you have the following?

- An Abundance of Wealth
- A Lifetime of Happiness
- An Illness-Free Body

I was far from achieving any of that.

But I used this 7 powerful step and manifested my thoughts into reality.

Now I’m closer to all 3 than ever before!

And you can do the same!

When your spirit wills for it to happen, the Universe answers and gives it to you.

How badly do you want all that to come to you?

Take the first step, and everything else will follow.

Download your FREE gift here and start the ball of positivity rolling!
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20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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