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From : The Science Of Imagery Team

5 Hours Of Meditations To Help You Focus & Achieve Your Dreams
Unlock Your Subconscious Mind With These 7 FREE Meditations
In these meditations, you will get:

- Multiple Binaural Beat Meditations For Healing And Deep Relaxation
- A Guided Meditation To Skyrocket Your Abundance
- Subliminal Mediation For Wealth & Happiness
- Tibetan Healing Bowls
- And much more
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From : Carolyn Hansen

Body Reset – Healthier! Fitter! Happier! Richer! Calmer!
Can you really turn the clock back 10 years? What about 20?

Yes you can reboot your system and jumpstart your metabolism to set yourself on the right path to a thinner, healthier, happier YOU!

Simple daily changes that will make all the difference. “I have no energy”. “I’m getting old”. “I’m always sick”. “I need to lose weight”. “I don’t feel great”. “I just don’t feel healthy”.

If you are saying any of these things to yourself…You need to Reset your hormones for health, energy and weight control !

The quality of our years can be drastically improved by "resetting your body" and following a path of daily action that promotes longevity and a greater enjoyment of every day that life affords us.

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From : Geoff Wilkins

6 Brainwave Downloads
Download #1 - Mind Sync Clairvoyance
Develop clairvoyant ability

Download #2 - NHC Instant Charisma
Use a combination of NLP and binaural hypnosis to enhance charisma

Download #3- ACT Hematite Frequencies
Audio Crystal Therapy

Download #4 - Bergamot Frequencies
Aromatherapy Frequencies

Download #5 - Solfeggio 963Hz Alpha
The frequency to amplify the presence of divinity

Download #6- Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed E Book
All the research for brainwave harmonics and mind sync in one downloadable ebook
Value = $85

From : Mark Johnson

[The Winning Mindset] Powerful Mindest Techniques To Lead A Prosperous And Happy Life Today!
How would you like to unleash the power of your mind, and win at anything you do?

Imagine having the ability to tap into your mind's hidden powers, and summon your winning mentality almost on command...

... you will be able to succeed in anything you set out to achieve!

This e-book, "Proven Trait & Techniques To Help You Unleash The Power Of Your Mind" will reveal all the closely-guarded secrets, and show you how to do just that.

The best part is that this e-bookis absolutely f-r-e-e!

So what have you got to lose?

You'll lose even more if you don't download a copy right here.

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From : The Laughter Meditation

MP3: Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Receive FREE Access To Our Guided Laughter Meditation.

In This MP3 You Will Experience The Power Of Laughter, Find Anxiety Relief, Heal Your Pain, Let Go Of Stress, And Discover Joy And Inner Peace

Practice laughter meditation daily for at least a month to see its positive effects manifest in your life.

Download Your FREE MP3 Now!

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From : Clint McNeil

The Road To Progress: Tips To Prosperity
eBook Reveals:

* How to find out what you really want and follow your passion
* Planning - How to break down your goal into manageable chunks
* Effectiveness: How to work towards those goals properly
* How to overcome challenges on your path & become super confident
* How you should stay motivated & becoming your best self
* How to make yourself accountable!
* How to create a schedule for your work so you know exactly what to do
* ...and much, much more!
Value = $47

From : 101 Magic Seeds 1

101 Magic Seeds
This is a special gift for you which will give you Life Changing Tips that are designed to help you Stay Motivated, Get Healthy and Live the Most Confident, Best Life You Deserve ...

You'll discover 101 simple tips to improve your

• Financial Situation
• Health and Fitness
• Relationship Life
• Spiritual Life
• Energy Levels
• Career or Business
• Overall Happiness

Find out how the author used these amazingly simple tips
when he went through life challenges such as a
job retrenchment to better his life!

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From : David Grisaffi

Stubborn Fat Solutions
The ebook answers questions about fat and fat cells, how we are programmed and how we develop fat in our bodies.

This one of a kind ebook goes in to depth about primary factors in failing to lose fat, what is stubborn, how your hormones affect your fat stores, why dieting alone does not work.

In addition to discovering the differences between men and women, two types of enzymes that affect fat storage and how to use them to help you lose body fat, identifying estrogenic compounds and much much more . . .
Value = $20

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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