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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Money Reiki Infused Meditation
Did you know that money, wealth, prosperity & abundance are your birthright?

I am committed to bringing the spiritual energy of money (which is equal to pure love energy) back into our worldly money.

This audio will clear your root chakra & money energy all while you just relax and listen.

And the more you use it, the more your money energy will clear, elevate & align with the spiritual energy of money (the highest form & it's infinite)!

Download your free audio now.
Value = $47

From : Your Host - Dr. Joe Rubino

Free Hour-Long TV Program And E-Book: The Secret To Success And Happiness In Life
Today, we have two life-impacting gifts to share with you from Dr. Joe Rubino, the world’s foremost expert on the topic of self-esteem elevation for both adults and children.

The first gift is an hour long life-changing program that Dr. Joe filmed for public television.

The second gift is an E-book called “The Secret to Success and Happiness in Life.”

These gifts will teach you:
- The #1 ingredient essential for living your most rewarding life
- The 3 step process to healing your past and moving your life forward with velocity
- The main reasons why so many struggle, suffer and fail in life
- The process to make 6 key areas of life work optimally for you
- How to live an upset-free life
- And much more!
Value = $129

From : Christopher Westra

MP3 - How To Live in Holographic Time (Full Audio) - Realms of Joy - Time of Light
By Living in Holographic Time You Can:

Take Total Responsibility for your life and everything in it. Think of the Power this will give you!

Know what emotions really are, and how to instantly create the emotions you want to feel.

Overcome illusions, addictions, and relationship problems, because linear time is at the root of these.

Change habits instantly, and why holographic time makes this believable and achievable.

Destroy the dual bandits of anxiety and fear in one fell swoop because You see with Clarity.

Increase your ability to manifest your dreams and desires through Holographic Creation.
Value = $29

From : Dr. Robert Anthony

Power Audio: Rewrites Your Subconscious Blueprint Fast
Free Full Audio Accesses Your Subconscious Window of Opportunity and shows you...

How your Critical Factor is keeping you stuck and what to do about it.

How to eliminate the 1 thing that is sabotaging your success (this is something you've been taught to do and it will Never work).

What the Subconscious Gatekeeper is and how you can bypass it without fail.

How to use the 'Rule of Increase' to master deliberate creation.

...Rewrite your subconscious blueprint and realize the life of your dreams starting now!
Value = $67

From : Carolyn Hansen

Start a Side Hustle: The New MUST-HAVE Career Accessory to Make Extra Income In 2019
There's an art to creating passive income streams that quietly pull in money on your behalf.

Gone are the days where people are defined by one job or one title on your business card. Discover how to supplement your income, bring more meaning to your life or test the waters before diving into your BIG idea.

These secrets are based on 13+ years of direct experience with my own side hustles. Includes:

* How I became obsessed with the idea of "making money while I sleep" (Hint: Two books transformed my thinking, and I'll tell you which)

* How to turn your talents and passions into multiple streams of life-transforming income (and why it's easier now than ever before)

Download "Get Your Side Hustle On For Improved Financial Health" now!
Value = $67

From : Tim Pond

Declutter Your Mind Pack (Guide And Workbook With Empowering Assignments)
Claim your free pack to discover how to gain clarity and focus better, reach the Flow state to Finally achieve your goals!

The empowering pack includes a guide and a workbook with empowering assignments.

The pack has helped thousands of people take control and focus better to get the things done to step closer to the life they Truly deserve!

Discover how to

• declutter your mind
• beat distractions
• be more positive
• focus better
• achieve the state of Flow
• regain control of your thoughts

and Much more…

Total value of the pack: Priceless – today Free!
Value = $47

From : World Of Alternatives

Root Chakra Activation
Get the amazing new Root Chakra Activation Download

1. When this chakra is activated it will enhance your self preservation and your ability to survive in any difficult circumstances

2. It is very important to activate and balance this chakra before balancing any of the others

3. It is essential to activate and balance this chakra for grounding and to maintain a feeling of safety and security
Value = $47

From : Your 5th Dimensional Being

5th Dimensional Transformation Audio
Warning: The portal to the 5th Dimension has been opened...

And this audio will allow your entire being to experience the higher vibrations of the 5th Dimension.

Once you begin listening to it,

You'll have the opportunity to activate your 12 strands of DNA for ascension while all negative energies will be transmuted into pure love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Are you ready to experience a new reality?

Download your audio for Free now!
Value = $97

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Get 2 Downloads Tailored Just For You!
Discover The Power Of Backward Command Subliminals

Choose the gift that suits you best!

Just For Men... Get better satisfaction plus make women want you.

Just For Women...Build intimacy confidence plus get a relationship with your soulmate.

You'll have immediate access to these free downloads.
Value = $67

From : Jonathan Woodman

Warrior Mind
Learn the ancient Bushido code and discover how to improve your life. Use the ancient way of warriors to increase your abundance and success in every aspect of your life
Value = $17

From : Rik Schnabel

Breakfree Resources
Imagine if you suddenly learned something new that created a financial miracle, a remarkable health recovery or turned your life magical?

Back in 2004 Rik Schnabel uncovered a miracle of such epic proportions that his life would never be the same. It unlocked a door of opportunity that transformed his life from being down to his last $27 and into a millionaire.

These free resources will give you that same opportunity to magically transform your world well beyond the limits of your current thinking.

The value of these free resources are well in excess of $500 and each week you will be given a new book, video, audio or training to help you to live a life beyond limits.
Value = $500

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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